Underground Band Life

Band is full of students who are a dedicated and loyal group that practice when ever a possible minute arises. Some students may not know that bandies disappear into the basement after their lunch to practice on their instruments to improve solos or group performances for competition. Band life can start from sixth grade and go all the way up until the student is a senior in high school. This lifestyle promotes close friends groups to form. Band is a safe place for musically talented students to gather and do what they love. Studies have shown that playing an instrument and learning musical improve IQ points.


Some students who are dedicated and gifted players are Senior Gina Stone and Senior Jesse Fromme. Gina has been playing the Tuba for seven years now and she is the only female tuba player out of ten in the band. Spending her spare time practicing in the band room away from everyone gives Gina time to improve her skills and be a better player. She joined band because her older sister Melanie was in it and it interested her. Tuba wasn’t her first choice as an instrument, it was actually the trumpet. She found that wasn’t her forte and then someone introduced her to the tuba and she knew it was the right one. She can play three instruments total and has competed in all solos and ensembles for band. The most difficult song for her to play at the moment is Fugue in G Minor, but Gina is trying hard to master it. She wants to make her major in college music at ISU. In the future Gina hopes to be a music teacher anywhere. She’s up for travel!


Jesse practicing in the band room in his spare time.

Jesse Fromme has been playing the saxophone in band for six and half years and is a talented and advanced band student. He’s currently learning the clarinet and hopes to become better at it. Jesse says he joined band six and a half years ago because of his love and interest of music. During this time he has won medals for solo and ensemble, participated in honor band, and has been a drum major and 1st part in symphonic band. His favorite song to play is Tableuax de Provence by Paule Maurice. Jesse thinks the most difficult part of band is having to give his absolute all every day, because band takes lots of a students time and dedication. He wants to continue playing in college and will pursue music education.

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