The Splintery Abstract

All too often, the abstract weasels its way into our lives.  Through our mindless fogs, ambiguous answers to questions we don’t know, and the déjà vu moments that leave us scratching our heads in befuddled perplexion. Abstractism is prevalent in many crafts of nature. Heeding this realization, the current project of JHS’s sculpture class has moved beyond wire sculpture into the field of the abstract. Utilizing wood as the parent material in the project’s design, students are in the midst of creating their personalized interpretations of abstractism.

The art department’s dazzling new Dewalt wood splitter cleanly cutting through students’ wooden pieces. This particular wood selection came straight from its original tree source. The material’s abrasive, rough bark created friction with the driving needle; thus, emitting a stream of smoke throughout the classroom.

While the focal point of the project centers around wooden materials, students are encouraged to use “found objects”.  Found objects are items that can be found around common areas such as work stations, living areas, and public spaces. The one cardinal rule to using such pedestrian items is to morph the item into a new interpretation that obscures its original use. Using wood and hot glue, items are applied to the project base. Following the construction of the project, students will paint their creation a single color as to create a sense of uniformity that draws in the abstractism elements.

A broken heart for all to see. Senior Laci Smith smashed a glass heart to achieve her desired glass fragments to place on display.

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