Thank You Jasper Football (an editorial)

Apologies for their being no picture as usual, but it is probably for the better. Last Friday night, Jasper football played the FJ Reitz for a sectional championship. The game was one of the most exciting games that Jasper has had this year and there was a lot of cheering on the sidelines and in the stands. The seniors were playing their hardest and sure gave the Reitz a challenge. The emotion throughout the game was one-of-a-kind and will be cherished in the seniors’ hearts and all who participated. Most students and Jasper citizens look forward to cheering on their best friends or children that are playing their last year of football. They also become engulfed in the sensation of the game. This is quite a beautiful experience that will leave a memory in even the tiniest crevice in one’s cranium. It does not seem necessary to have the score of the game so if one would be so curious, ask a peer. In the last minute of the game their was silence when Devin Traylor, also known as “D-Train,” was injured on the field. Of course, Zach “Z” Beckman went to go check on his best buddy to see if he was okay and to help if possible. Let us keep D-Train in our thoughts and wish him luck. Make sure you congratulate the seniors, and whomever played, on a fantastic season and that they played their hardest. It is usual for a news-type website for the writer of an article not to add one’s self into it, but this one will be an exception, I, personally, am a sophomore football player and have loved, believe it or not, getting beat up by these seniors during football practice. The reason why, is because they will laugh with you and be the greatest friend outside of practice. I am honored to have played football with these seniors and wish them the best of luck in their future. Thank you seniors for giving me the best experiences in a football season. You guys have taught me the true meaning of a family and am glad to be a part of it. I wish you luck D-Train and thanks to ALL of  the seniors of Jasper Football.

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