Sweet Treats

A group senior boys picking out their toppings.

The Jasper High School PTO(Parent Teacher Organization) does the the cook out and free ice cream sundae days every year. They do this to give back to the students, and give them a stress free time during their school day. Today on March 17, St. Patricks day they are doing the free ice cream sundae. The PTO orders 80 gallon of vanilla ice cream two weeks in advance to prepare for this day. It takes up to 15 people for the ice cream to be delivered smoothly out to all the students. Most of the workers are scoopers, letting the students pick up their bowl and pick their own toppings. The toppings include cherry and chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and whipped cream.  All the toppings are optional and if you so wish to not get any topping that is ok too. When asked junior Breanna Truesdale Said,” It makes me look toward to lunch and satisfies my sweet tooth for the day.

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