Planting in Biology

Ms. Spellmeyer guides her biology students while they plant flowers in order to view the impact humans have on the environment.

Earth day has come and gone, but that has not stopped Ms. Spellmeyer’s biology classes. With their discussion of human impact on the environment, Spellmeyer’s fifth period class took a trip outside and showed their love for nature by planting flowers and pulling weeds in the front landscaping of the school.

Freshman Allison Bielawa claims that doing this project helps motivate her to help the environment and hopes that it will also help her classmates. Allison helped plant two flowers and even gave a shout out the her friend, because although “she

Ms. Spellmeyer’s fifth period biology class gets their hands dirty while planting flowers outside of the school.

did not plant a flower, she did hug a tree and that’s all we can ask from her!” Allison joked.

Although planting flowers was a main part of this project, there were multiple little duties to be done. There were groups pulling weeds up and around the school, while another group carried large buckets of water all the way up to the road and making their way back to the sidewalk. Ms. Spellmeyer hopes that this will show the kids that even though there can be negative impacts on the environment, there can be positive ones as well.

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