Only Love

On January 25th, Christine Schmitt, came to Jasper to speak about the tragedy that struck when her twelve year old daughter committed suicide. “Words have the ability to bring life into people. But it also has the ability to take that life away,” says Schmitt. Morgan was cyberbullied by not only her peers, but by people she didn’t even know. “There is always help and there is always hope. Suicide is never the option.”

Morgan’s favorite color was purple, and, in memory of her daughter, Christine wears a lot of purple. Just like everyone, Morgan had a bucket list. On this bucket list she wanted to, grow a mustache, go to prom, kiss a boy, and get a tattoo. She constantly screenshot pictures of tattoos that she wanted. One of the tattoo screenshots, Christine ended up getting on her wrist.  “Don’t ever let a bad moment or a bad experience determine that you have a bad life.”

Alex Arthur, handing a squishy ball back to Sydney Ferrera, both juniors, who received it from Christine.

On April 6, 2014 while Morgan’s family was away at church, she took her life. Morgan left an eleven page note for her family. On the first page, she addressed her mother and father, saying that she loved them very much and that they did all that they could. “I [Christine] was nowhere close to doing all that I could, because I didn’t know.”  Christine noticed how differently her daughter’s behavior was leading up to her passing. Her behavior consisted of nervous habits. On Morgan’s bucket list, she had “grow nails out” because she was always biting her nails. Morgan constantly had bad headaches, she was always trying to stay busy to out run her mind, and she had a strange nervous laugh. These are different symptoms of high anxiety and depression.

If you see any of these symptoms in a loved one or friend, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255). You can also visit Christine’s webiste It’s All Love, Only Love Coalition for additional information about about her organization.

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