March Madness: The Rush for Blood Donation

Amidst the March Madness of college basketball, blood banks are also experiencing large demands. According to the Indiana Blood Center, the most common to the least common blood types are listed in decreasing order: O+ (38%), A+ (34%), B+ (9%), O- (7%), A- (6%), AB+ (3%), B- (2%), and AB- (1%). Everyone is categorized under A, B, AB, or O blood types. From this, blood types are further classified as being either Rh+ or Rh-. Together, the two variants of one blood type exist; for example, there is A+ and A- or B+ and B-.

Emma Cave, senior, lounging as she waits to finish drawing her blood.

Making a pit stop at JHS, the phlebotomists received an influx of students, more than they had expected. The number of donations is encouraging, however, specific types are still low in supply. Blood types such as O negative are in pressing need. Donations are most commonly used to help treat hospital patients and to help them recover.

Looking forward to the next school year, the Indiana Blood Center will schedule visits with JHS for future donations. Check with the Nurse’s Office or the Main Office for more information. (Minors will need to fill out a form and have parent permission. All participants will need a form of ID.)


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