Lumberjacks and Comebacks

Senior Johnny Bounds makes a quick steal from Forest Park during the second period of Friday night’s varsity basketball game that followed homecoming.

Jasper Wildcats pulled through a tough fight at Friday’s (January 20) boys varsity basketball game. Following the much awaited for homecoming, where seniors Kyle Hollinden and Madison Weidenbenner were crowned king and queen, the crowd changed courses and focused on the night’s varsity game.

With the Wildcats decked out in their lumberjack attire (the night’s theme) the battle against Forest Park began. Jasper didn’t start out on top, with the Rangers taking a 10 point lead. It seemed that every time Jasper got a hold of the ball, it disappeared into the other team’s hands. But that didn’t let Jasper’s hopes for the night be dashed. The student section that flooded students continued to cheer for the varsity boys, pushing them to try their hardest, and of course, tried to distract the other side with their screams.

Junior Justin Persohn contemplates which fellow player to throw the ball to in order to avoid another Forest Park steal. At the time, Jasper was only ahead by 2 points, 39-37.

By the end of the 2nd period, Jasper began to make a comeback and quickly tied with Forest Park. A short break ensued in which the cheerleaders used to get the crowd pumped up was all the boys needed to get a game plan. Just a couple minutes into the third period allowed Jasper to gain the lead, 39 to 36. Though Forest Park’s minuscule student section booed, the negativity was never heard thanks to Jasper’s cheers of encouragement. By the end of the third period, Jasper was still in the lead and by the end of the game, the Jasper boys varsity won with a score of 57 to 46. It was a surprise for some, considering that in the beginning, the Wildcats were 10 points behind, however, it was never too late for the boys to make a striking comeback.

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