Losing One and Winning One

IMG_9414 (1)Monday 1st was when the Jasper boys freshman played against Floyd Central in an A and B game. The reason they played an A and B game is that they just want to go play basketball. They find other schools with freshman boy teams and play against them in a few games. The Jasper boys did not do so hot in their first game. They had previously won their tournament the Saturday before. The boys on both team liked to pass and steal the ball, Floyd just did it better and more in the first game.  Sadly Floyd Central won the first game.

During the second game is when Jasper finally got down to business. They started out right away scoring and stealing the balls from Floyd. They had got 11 to 2 by the end of the first quarter. They got the rebounds and did a lot of layups. They had the lead in the first half of the game, when the teams got back from half time Floyd started to bring it. Floyd started scoring and it made the crowd, and the players nervous that they were also going to lose the second game as well. The jasper players did not let that get into their heads and keep up with Floyd and were still in the lead by the end of the game. The end game score was 32 to 27 with Jasper winning.IMG_9432

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