Kill the Pig!

Junior Claire McCance and Senior Chloe Smith react to the skinning of the pig in Mr. Helming’s class Tuesday during lunch. Claire ended up helping skin the pig later on in the day.

Out with the frogs, the pigs have come to conquer the Jasper High School dissection team. This year Mr. Helming’s Advanced Life Science class asked senior Connor Bowlin and junior Jared Schwenk if they would be willing to offer one of their pigs for the study of science. Day one was the boring stuff, day two is when the live action started.

To start the day off, the organs had to come out of the pig and with some help from FFA members Mr. Helming’s classes were able to begin their studying. While identify different organs Mr. Helming wanted to give a live demonstration of how lungs inflate, even without an air pump. So, using just his mouth, Mr. Helming gave the students a show of mouth to lung resuscitation.

Junior Logan Niehaus experiments with the organs of a pig after second period in Mr. Helming’s class.

All throughout the school week students could go to the back of the school and learn all about pigs and make some bacon, or to the front of the school and see some of the cleanest, dirtiest, and most useful trucks around. Even on Friday, there was still food cooking in the back and some of the biggest tractors around town.

FFA week had more to offer this year than any other, whether that be to go in the back and learn out the anatomy of pigs, or go out front and learn the anatomy of trucks and tractors. Everyone had a place to go and get some knowledge.

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