Just for Pablo

Hannah Welps unique expression helped Huddleston to win an honorable mention.

On Tuesday, April 18 Jasper High School hosted quite a surprise for one student. Emily Huddleston received quite a shock when she was led to an awards ceremony for her instead of the class photo she was expecting. Mr. Elrod, the Jasper High School yearbook adviser had told the class to dress nicely for an updated class photo. Little did the class know what awaited them in the atrium of the school. As they walked into the atrium a line of people awaited them, the majority with cameras. It was there that Cam Bardwell, the Jostens representative for the region, surprised the junior by walking out the office doors holding two awards. Once the first award was handed out Huddleston was filled with shock, but when she was handed the second award she burst into tears and had to walk away from the group of her classmates.  “I felt pretty overwhelmed. I grabbed the award and I was like “Oh my god I can’t believe this is happening,” states Emily about the moment she received her awards. Huddleston recuperated with a luncheon with her fellow yearbook members after the exciting event. 

Jack Greener looks into the mirror at a play for the school theater. Titled “Forever Young,” Huddleston won first place in the “portrait” category.

Emily Huddleston has been a member of Interactive Media since her freshman year. Although she wasn’t technically a part of the class her sophomore year, she still helped with the making of the yearbook and her name is featured on many pages in the 2016 yearbook. Emily, also affectionately known as Pablo, became the 2017 co-editor of the “J” and has been a major force in the class ever since. This year has been a year of firsts for the quirky teen; first camera, first (but not the last) year as editor, and her first time receiving recognition for her photography skills. Huddleston placed first in the “Portrait” category of the Jostens 2017 U.S. photo contest, and received an honorable mention for her picture in the “Student Traditions” category. Cam Bardwell, a Jostens representative of 16 years said that “out of all the schools [I’ve worked] with in the area, there’s never even been an honorable mention awarded!”

Emily remained calm while receiving her first award, but after the second she broke out in tears of joy.

Huddleston is one student that deserves recognition the most. She’s always working hard on everything that has to do with the yearbook; from page layouts to tagging photos. Even when she isn’t at school, Huddleston still focuses on everything yearbook, and she does so with a smile. Emily is a student who invites others into things that she does, and she’s known for her jokes that make everyone laugh, like an email she sent out last year that had everyone that knew her laughing! “I saw talent in her in many different aspects. Yearbook is really different from other things because you have to be able to capture the pictures and the story, and for many things you only have one chance. Sometimes it takes a while to make the photos and the words work together in a single person and they could just be an okay staff member until senior year (or maybe even until they graduate). It takes passion and vision to be great and I could tell [Mila] and Emily both just had it from the start, even if you couldn’t see it [in] yourselves at first,” says Mariya Merkley, a three time editor of the Jasper High School yearbook, and the editor when Huddleston was a freshman. When it comes to the design of the yearbook, she knows exactly what it should look like. And although the school year isn’t over, she already has an idea of what next year’s yearbook will look like. Though she may only be a junior, Emily Huddleston has a bright future ahead of her full of design and photography.

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