Julius Caesar: The Complete Acts

Shakespeare. An infamous name that high schools across the nation embrace in all its obfuscating glory and revere with their panegyric phrases. Shakespeare’s works are devout pieces of high school literature, one specifically, Julius Caesar. Here at JHS, Mrs. Kennedy’s English 10 Honors classes will be performing acts from Julius Caesar stretching from Friday, November 13 into the following week of November 16. The students are divided into groups and assigned acts from the play, excluding Act 1 which was previously read in class.

Mila Vernon and Alex Arthur performing their act.

The presentations are to be 10-15 minutes in length and must meet listed requirements. Such requirements include: familiarity with lines, ability to explain the meaning of the lines, tone of voice, use of props and character name cards, and narrator inclusion.

Scenes to be acted out…

  1. Act 1, Scene 3
  2. Act 2, Scene 2
  3. Act 3, Scene 1
  4. Act 3, Scene 2
  5. Act 5

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  1. Just thought you should know, in the picture it’s Mila Vernon and Alex Arthur. I know because I was in their group with them. Hope you can fix it! 😊

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