JHS Radio!

IMG_20130306_105826Mr. Elrod’s Interactive Media classes have put together a radio station called The Scratch on 93.7. The Scratch will be your source of school news, time, and weather. On 93.7 The Scratch there’s a wide variety of music from Dubstep to Rock, and everything in between.  Channel 14 will be here Thursday to interview the interactive media classes about 93.7 The Scratch. We have worked very hard too!  You can contact us with your likes, and comments with our new text line 250-9371. We will be starting our first live broadcast tomorrow (Thursday) morning around 7:30 a.m so make sure you tune in and get your morning news! Unfortunately 93.7 The Scratch only reaches in and out of the Jasper High parking lot, but listening for a while is better than not listening at all! So tune in and leave us your comments. Don’t forget about the text line!

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