His Holiness and the Man In Charge

DSCF3777In this weeks edition of Behind the Scene Teachers, I’m going to bring you a teacher who is a Man of God. A teacher who not only takes charge but is so good at it, that he can be left alone on a field of 22 young souls and officiate for a whole 80 minutes with no help. This man was also once recruited by NASA. Ya know, the ones that make the rockets and stuff. He might look like a lovable, nice, old man, but deep down this man is a leader and an innovator. Here in Jasper High School we know him as Mr. Ken Johanning our physics teacher.

Some background on the holy man himself. Mr. Johanning is age 60. He graduated from Jasper High School. He went to Notre Dame University where he obtained a degree in Aeronautics. After this he was asked by NASA to be a head of a program for missile ballistics, but declined! Who does that? Who in the world can say that they declined NASA?  Obviously Mr. Johanning can. I guess he was too good for NASA.  So he moved on to bigger and better things, and we thank him for that. He currently teaches a Physics class and a Business Math class as well.  So in the spirit of ‘Staff Appreciation Week’ we say thanks to our own Mr. Ken Johanning!

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