Gym Progress

gym progressRecently the senior class had a meeting with Mr. Wilson and, principal for a day, Mr. Uebelhor. Of the many things the seniors spoke about The New Gym was the most asked about. Many seniors want to know if they will be graduating in it yet. Mr. Wilson shrugged in response since there was no guarantee from the construction company he was obviously in no position to guarantee anything to the seniors. The date of expected completion did move up to the earlier half of May.

Also, The senior class representatives took a small walk through tour of the uncompleted gym. Most said it was a lot bigger than honey they thought and all of them said that they were very excited! The expected date of completion was reported to be May 17. The earlier the better since it will take sometime to set up and decorate for the commencement.

One thought on “Gym Progress

  1. Please do not take a shrug as indifference. We simply do not know if the gym will be completed. As Tom states, there will need to be sufficient time for set-up before commencement. The Clerk-of -the Works, Mr. Scott Stenftenagel (Megan’s dad), is very confident the gym will be ready to go and we certainly have confidence in him. Let’s think positively!

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