Guys/Girls Cross Country

Varsity guys getting hyped for the race.

The meet this Thursday, August 30th was in North Harrison, Indiana. The cats came out strong and confident, competing against 24 teams from around the area. The Junior Varsity lead JHS, running at 6:00pm. After the JV team finished the Varsity girls took off, lead by Hannah Welsh (Freshman). Close to the 2 mile mark with 1.1 miles to go, she was in 3rd place, advancing to 2nd place by the finish line. The Varsity guys started 5 minutes after the girls finished. The lead runner for the team, Clayton Traylor (Sophomore), was in 50th place rounding the 2 mile mark. By the finish line, Traylor advanced 13 spots to 37th place with a time of 18:22. The 1st and 2nd place runners finished in about 15 minutes, 1 minute before any other competitors. Overall Jasper got 13th place out of 25 teams.

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