“¡Dale Dale Dale!”

Guidance counselor Mr. Uebelhor made an appearance at the meeting joking with the club members who then proceeded to invite him to make a piñata.

“Dale dale dale”, pronounced dah-leh, is just a portion of the Piñata Song that the Jasper High School Spanish club sang on Tuesday, January 10, before they swung at the cactus piñata that was provided by Mrs. Johnson.

Two of the snacks that students ate during the party, Abuelita which can also come in a bar, and Mrs. Johnson Rosca de Reyes.

The students ate Rosca de Reyes, a traditional pastry that is normally eaten on Kings’ Day and celebrates the arrival of the three Magi, during the party. The pastry usually contains a small figurine of baby Jesus which, when found is considered a blessing. The person who found the figurine is then responsible for hosting a party. Johnson made Rosca de reyes for the club members, and they also enjoyed Abuelita, a type of Mexican hot chocolate. Johnson put a twist on the traditional pastry by making individual Rosca de Reyes for each student to try. The students also made miniature piñatas using colorful tissue paper and pre made piñata forms.

Freshman Johanna King swings at the piñata on Tuesday. Students also attending the even appear shocked at Kings swing.

Freshman Johanna King swings at the piñata Tuesday night. Students also attending the event appear shocked at King’s swing.The foreign language clubs allow for a variety of different experiences for the student body. The schools hosts four foreign language clubs, Asian Fusion, (which is new this year) German club, French club, and Spanish club. Each club is offered to any student that would like to observe other cultures, and no experience with the language is needed.

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