Charity Tree of Life

Priscilla Olson, Senior, organized and pulled off a successful Grand Ball for senior citizens and their granddaughters this past weekend. The event was held on January 2oth. The money for this event goes to the Northwood Retirement Community Fund. During the ball there was refreshments and goodies served such as cookies, cakes, pretzels dipped in icing. The evening was a good time for people to reunite and enjoy the company of others while chatting with volunteers dressed in character attire like The Little Mermaid Ariel and her Prince Eric. There were also appearances by Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Belle, and Jasmine.

Princesses and Princes gather at Grand Ball for a group photo.

Priscilla says she enjoys volunteering for “I love to see the big smiles on someone’s face and knowing you’re the reason for the smile is a wonderful feeling. Making a difference no matter how big or small can make someone’s entire day.” Priscilla says that she has learned that making a difference in the lives of others and illuminating others can be a remarkable experience and feeling. At first she was shy to get to know the residents, but then she realized that everyone has a story and needs to share it. She even has her own personal hashtag #illuminateothers. It’s about changing the world and bringing a light of hope to others. Her symbol for charity is a tree of life.

The theme is that everyone is a seedling, and that we all bud or grow into a tree or family and the cycle continues. In college Priscilla wants to encourage young kids to bridge the generation gap and connect with others. She plans on finding a nursing home and volunteering her time and raise awareness. Her goal is to make her charity a non-profit organization and raise money to give to senior citizens. “I want to empower others and be a light of hope for both generations.”

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