Board of Love

December 16, 2016 a large chalkboard with a diamond shaped, gold-rimmed mirror appeared in the lunchroom by the stage. Many may be wondering what this is for and who made it.


GSA has been working on a project to display for the whole school to interact and take part in. Many members of GSA feel that others are left out and feel like they wouldn’t have a place in GSA when in fact the club is for everyone. So they decided to make a board to include all students and the perfect time to reveal it is during the holidays. The board will remain all year and the question on it will change throughout the rest of school. As of now the question to be answered is “What is your favorite part of the holidays?”. Students were encouraged to approach the board and write in white chalk their answers. Many put words such as “Food, family, Christmas lights, warm blankets, snow, coffee, friends, cookies, pie, books” and much more.


The board is meant to be a place of reflection and thought for students. The mirror in the center allows them to walk up and see themselves either for pure amusement or to find an answer within themselves, whatever they prefer. With the semester coming to a close and finals right around the corner it can be incredibly stressful with studying which can make it hard to get into the holiday spirit. The board gives a nice feeling in everyone to see a spot they can visit and contribute their own personal holiday favorites too or just view everyones else’s and see what people are saying. It’s a pleasant reminder that the holiday spirit lives and that people may have the same favorites as you. The holidays are for connecting, reminiscing, and opening our hearts, so right now the GSA board is a great location for this. Stop by during a passing period or during lunch to add your own piece or to check out others! Spread the love!


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