Biomedical Science

Students today in Mr. Kendall’s Biomedical Science classes were studying range of motion of human joints. Biomedical Science involves students studying anatomy and physiology and human microbiology. This helps students understand more about our biological and chemical systems. Taking this class can really help a student wanting to go into the health profession in the future or someone who has an interest in the medical field.


Student gathered into groups of three and chose a person to be the model, measurer, and the recorder. The model was to lie down on the lab table and move a joint while someone followed with a goniometer. They would see how far someone’s joint could go and record down their data. Areas of the body they measured were shoulders, elbows, hips, legs, knee, and ankle.

Mr. Kendall was vigilant and kept an eye on students as they made their measurements and kept track of their data. It was a fun, inclusive and hands on project that better helped students understand the lesson through application.

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