An Outsider’s View of the Election

With the events of the election somewhat behind us and a recount on the way, some of you may be wondering what the state of America looked from a foreigners’s perspective. We interviewed foreign exchange students Moira from Switzerland and Aturio from Spain. When Moira was asked what she thought of the election she replied, “I am so glad I don’t have to vote. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Who would you vote for?”

“Back in Switzerland  you don’t hear about the other candidates. We hear mainly the bad stuff, they don’t tell us the good. But I think I would vote for Hilary.”

“What characteristics do you think are important for a President to have?”

“The President should be nice, it doesn’t seem like there are nice people running.”

We also interviewed Aturio from Spain on what he thought of the election too

“I think it’s pretty crazy. In Spain we don’t do stuff like this. It’s overwhelming. Whenever you say something, you could step on someone else’s opinion, so you can’t really say anything.”

“Which candidate would you vote for?”

“I’ll say Trump just because I’m more Republican. But he needs sometimes to close his mouth.”

“What characteristics are important for a President?”

“He has to be a respectful person, smart, that knows when to say something and when to speak up, and listen.”


So people have different views on such important issues. We also know that other countries especially our allies are keeping a close eye on the government activities and decisions that we make. We have an enormous influence in the world; our policies in immigration, trade, and the environment can have impacts around the world.

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