A National Society of Honor

Monday night the annual induction of the Junior class as well as a select few Seniors was held at Jasper High School. This night was not the usual night to be inducted into this prestigious organization; it was the 65 anniversary of the National Honor Society. Jasper High School National Honor Society Sapiens Chapter has been going on for 65 years and every year has managed to grow and become even more involved with leadership and academic accomplishments. Mrs. Leah Henson was the organizer of this event and it was quite a success.This year, the students were honored with the speaker Renee Kabrick who shared her story and her pride in the students who were on stage as well as National Honor Society in general. “So many dreams stay just that; a dream. How will you know if you could ever achieve something if you don’t take a risk and put yourself out there?”  She talked about her past regrets and how people need to strive for become something without the fear of failing or you will never know what could have come out of that chance.




Following Kabrick’s speech, the infamous candling lighting was in progress. The 4 candles being lit stood for Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Character. The students being inducted has the responsibility of these 4 tasks as well as be a role model for those around them. The 57 Juniors and 2 seniors that have been given this newly received title have been given the opportunity to take charge and do something amazing. Haley Sample then led the pledge of the National Honor Society “The measure of a man is not the number of his servants, but the number of people he serves.” Layne Sermershiem leaves the people with a great quote before the inductees sign their name to be an official National Honor Society member. The nigh was filled with great memories and an everlasting since of accomplishment for the students who were inducted as well as the students who had already been inducted. The total 113 students who have been inducted in the last two years are outstanding young people with high goals and accomplishments and the students as well as staff are proud of the Jasper High School Chapter.


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