10 Day Film Challenge

This past month has been bated breath and anxiously awaited emails from the Radio and Tv classes of Mr. Elrod’s. The students of his class had entered into the 10 Day Film Challange which required students to be separated off into groups of about six members and then drew from a hat what category they would have to make a film about. A requirement of making a film was to have a dollar bill as a prop, the name Stephanie or Stephen Gable, the line “I didn’t even know that was an option. Many groups already had in mind a genre they wanted, which made it all the more disappointing when they received the one they absolutely did not want. With their genres in hand, the groups dispersed to brain storm and create a competition winning idea. The groups included Allison Rogers, Hilary Bauer, Amanda Ackerman, Brea- Anna Mullen, Tyler Armstrong, Levi King, and Carissa Rasche. Their group received romance. They decided to take a spin on that and make it an Illuminati initiation/ romcom. The film included Amanda Ackerman as main character Stephanie Gable and Tyler Armstrong as Illuminati member/ random student. Another group was Hannah Rydberg, Andrea Rillo, Nick Hodel, Geordan Mehringer, Brandon Wildman, Kathleen Messemer, and Nicole Kress. They received time travel as their category and decided to take students on an inspirational adventure through various time periods and impactful events in history. After scripting, filming, and editing a short film and poster all groups submitted and waited the results.

In the end everyone gathered in Mr. Elrod’s room to watch all other contest submissions and awards. Although no groups won an award the Love Illuminates group came in top three for poster and Telling Time came in top three for best use of prop. Congratulations to all groups for their hard work and creativity!

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