Sky High

Ever wanted to fly in an airplane? Better yet, have you ever wanted to fly an airplane all on your own? Wednesday, November 30th,

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Moira Frey, junior exchange student, candidly smiling as the French classroom discussion takes a bemusing turn. Moira is enrolled in French IV with Mr. Rottet. French IV is composed of a tightly knit group of students who have successfully created a family outside the home through their unified interest in the French language.

Up and Over the Pond

Flying up and down, under and over the entire world is a dream for many. Although, for few, it is certainly a dream come true.

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Senior Tristan June toothily grinning while displaying the new 2016 GSA shirt.

Our New Chapter

Gripping the slightly dog-eared pages with tiny palms, tiny fingers smoothing across the glossed pages, the child reads eagerly with an insatiable appetite for

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This and That

Going to Jasper High School gives so many students so many opportunites. The students are widely fortunate for the classes and clubs they are

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